Corporate Social Responsibility
Helping Haiti Children
Otsuka helps Haiti children
At Otsuka Europe, we don’t just create products that help people worldwide to have better health. We also believe in freely giving our time and effort to assist communities, both locally and around the world, either through our employees raising money or helping out in a variety of highly creative ways, or via company donations.   A few of the many examples of how we make a difference are as follows:

Schizophrenia Awareness Week

For Schizophrenia Awareness Week, a number of employees from Otsuka Pharmaceutical Europe Ltd. (OPEL) and Otsuka Pharmaceuticals (UK) Ltd. (OPUK) wrote down their thoughts and questions about schizophrenia on a blossom and attached them to a cherry tree in Otsuka Europe’s main reception area. A donation was made to Gamian Europe for each blossom attached. (Otsuka Pharmaceutical Europe Ltd.)

Christmas Presents

Employees bought and sent over 200 Christmas presents to orphans, street children and sick children in Romania and Bosnia-Herzegovina. (Otsuka Pharma GmbH)

Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos Fundación

A donation was made to the Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos Fundación (NPH) and there was collaboration with the Yudelkis programme to provide medical, diagnostic and clinical assistance to doctors in South America, with the aim of improving local healthcare. (Otsuka Pharma Spain)

Riabilita Onlus 

A donation was made to the non-profit organisation Riabilita Onlus to help prepare guidelines for the treatment of mental disorders in drug abuse patients. (Otsuka Pharmaceutical Italy S.r.l.)

Fun Run in Paris

Employees raised funds for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria by donating entry fees for a fun run in Paris. (Otsuka Pharmaceutical France SAS)

Haiti Earthquake

Employees raised funds for a food and meals project at a school in Haiti, helping those who suffered as a result of the 2010 Haiti earthquake. (Otsuka Pharmaceutical SA)

Help for Heroes

Fundraising was carried out for the Help for Heroes charity, including a bike ride, cake sale and sponsored walk. (Otsuka Pharmaceuticals (UK) Ltd.)

Committed to Diversity


An example of how we celebrate diversity was illustrated by our sponsorship of the 2014 Women’s International Networking (WIN) Conference in Berlin. A team of 13 Otsuka delegates joined 750 people from several leading organisations around the world, helping us to imagine what it would be like to work in an environment without diversity and inclusion, asking the question: ‘Would this be a place that you would like to work?’

Otsuka’s sponsorship of the conference gave us an opportunity to raise our brand awareness in Europe and use it as a platform for a range of initiatives in 2015, during which diversity will play a key part of Otsuka Europe’s agenda.

Our delegates, selected from across Europe, were tasked with speaking to a number of companies to find out how they are embracing diversity within their own business and to subsequently bring ideas back to Otsuka for debate.

Giving employees the chance to attend an event like WIN reinforces the company’s commitment to diversity and key learnings can be cascaded through the organisation.

Christmas presents for underprivileged children