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History of Otsuka Europe

Otsuka first established operations in Europe in 1979, however Otsuka Pharmaceutical Europe Ltd was established in 1998, almost 80 years after the first Otsuka factory opened in Tokushima, Japan. In over 30 years of pharmaceutical research in Europe, Otsuka has remained at the forefront of scientific advances. Otsuka Europe is committed to developing world-class treatments that improve the health of people in Europe and focuses its research and developmental efforts on identifying and addressing unmet medical needs. Throughout our lifetime we have discovered and developed products for central nervous system disorders, cardiovascular diseases, digestive diseases, respiratory diseases, dermatology, ophthalmology and a range of clinical, nutritional and diagnostic products. We have sales and marketing operations in France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, UK and the Nordic region, supported by the regional office of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Europe Ltd., based in London. There are over 450 employees and we are continuing to grow.

Our Roots

Otsuka Milestones
Year Milestone
1921 Mr Busaburo Otsuka opens the first Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory in Tokushima, Japan
1964 Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co Ltd. established to develop and sell pharmaceutical products
1979 Otsuka invests in Laboratorios Miquel in Spain
1982 Frankfurt Research Institute founded in Germany
1998 Otsuka Pharmaceutical S.A. established in Spain
1998 Otsuka Pharmaceuticals U.K. Limited established in UK
1998 Otsuka Pharmaceutical Europe Limited established
1999 Otsuka Pharma GmbH established
2001 Otsuka Pharma Scandinavia AB established
2002 Otsuka Frankfurt Research Institute Incorporated established
2004 Otsuka Pharmaceutical France SAS established
2008 Otsuka Holdings Co., Ltd. established
2010 Otsuka Pharmaceutical Italy S.r.l. established
2011 Otsuka Novel Products GmbH established in Munich
2011 Otsuka SA established in Geneva
2013 Otsuka Europe Development and Commercialisation Ltd. established in the UK
2014 Otsuka Pharmaceutical Switzerland GmbH established in Zurich