Global Research and Development
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Otsuka Group has a network of research centres worldwide where our scientists use their passion, perseverance and creativity to develop innovative pharmaceutical products that can make a real difference to people’s lives. While preclinical research takes place in Japan, the USA and China, clinical development is carried out in a network that also includes Europe and Asia, as we search for new drugs to treat central nervous system, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal disorders, as well as respiratory ailments, infectious diseases, and ophthalmological and dermatological conditions. We are also making great strides in developing new drugs in the fields of aquaretics (where drugs are used to promote the excretion of water without electrolyte loss), epilepsy and rheumatism. We trust in the skills and intelligence of our passionate researchers, who are encouraged to adhere to Otsuka’s R&D philosophies:
  • Follow the untravelled path by choosing research themes which are often overlooked by others.
  • Embrace the challenge of developing pharmaceuticals in an original way.
  • Develop pharmaceuticals in fields where treatments are limited and medical needs remain unfulfilled.
  • Take a tenacious approach to intractable diseases.
  • Insightfully evaluate the outcomes of treatments and clinical trials.
  • Pursue first-in-class and world-first drugs with passion and conviction.
By adhering to such philosophies, we believe that we can improve the health of people worldwide. 

Date of preparation: September 2018

Reference OPSE/0818/COMS/1079

Scientists in Shorts


At Otsuka, we love to do things differently to achieve our goal of discovering innovative products. Back in the 1980s, Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s former Chairman, Akihiko Otsuka, suggested casual meetings over a meal in order to inspire researchers never to give up on their quest for new drugs and to keep their spirits up. He insisted that everyone, from the President to Laboratory Assistants, wore casual Bermuda shorts to encourage camaraderie and to work towards a shared goal of discovery without the restrictions of stereotypes or hierarchy.