Super People
Ole Vahlgren, CEO & President, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Europe: “Otsuka will continue to push the boundaries of possibility.”
At Otsuka, we believe that ‘super people’ are more powerful than ‘super computers’ when it comes to creative thinking and innovation. This philosophy has always been a mainstay of how Otsuka approaches pharmaceutical product research. This is why Otsuka, even when it was a small company, has always been successful in developing new and innovative products. We do everything we can to nurture our employees and provide an environment to stimulate their creativity, curiosity and perseverance. At Otsuka Pharmceutical Europe, we celebrate diversity in our employees, but what we expect them to have in common is passion, drive and unconventional thinking. Our employees in Europe hold true to our Japanese guiding principles of ‘Ryukan-godo’ (hard work and practice), ‘Jissho’ (bringing ideas to life through perserverance) and ‘Sosozei’ (creativity). These Otsuka principles have evolved and developed over generations, and are now fully embedded in Otsuka’s DNA. They are the driving force behind our growth and development. The combined qualities of those who work for Otsuka Europe help us to achieve our goal: Otsuka–people creating new products for better health worldwide.
People make the company run; people do the thinking. Otherwise, we’d be in trouble
Akihiko Otsuka

Akihiko Otsuka, the late Chairman of Otsuka Holdings

Date of preparation: February 2018

Reference OPEL/1017/GEN/1134s

Otsuka Europe has a passion

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We are committed to focusing our research and development on innovative products and medical devices that address unmet medical needs.